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Follow the Instruction of the Prophet and get the Paradise

There are a lot of things which take you to the paradise. Where you will have met with your prophet and all the good people from the earth. Muslims who perform well in the world and follow the Sunnah of the prophet then they will be in the paradise. There are so many things which lead you towards the paradise. Every Muslim want to go for the paradise and they want to act and pray for the paradise. The way of the prophet Muhammad-E-Mustafa(PBUH) is the right thing which leads you towards the real and most precious and beautiful place. When you follow the obligation and you also follow the Sunnah of the prophet then you are going towards the way of the light. There are so many things that what is written in the holy book and also in the book of the Hadith. These are the things which is authentic and pure knowledge. The greatest companion of the prophet Ali-Ibn-Talib said people who teach me one word about the good and deeds which towards me to the Allah then he is my teacher. There is the hadith of the great prophet Muhammad-E-Mustafa(PBUH) he said that who want to go for the paradise they have to follow some of my good instructions like he said always give the charity it will remove your difficulties then read the Quran it will be best for you and testify you in the day of the judgement. Then he again said that pay the price of the heaven perform the good deeds and then make people happy like make some good relationship in two people. Then the prophet said again that perform the Hajj. Every year Muslims perform hajj and Umrah with the package Best 5-star Luxury Hotels Group Umrah Tour with Luxury Hotels with Air Tickets 2017 for the paradise.

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