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Mount Sinai

I visit many places in the world for the tourism and for some blessing. so, this time I went for my Egypt. Yes, this is the area of the Moses. When he was parching the Islam with his brother Haroon(PBUH). pharaoh was the cruel man and he was the king at that time. When some magicians said to him that you will be murdered and he will be the one boy who will from the nation where you are living. At that time pharaoh said and he order to kill all the boys which are new born. Moses (PBUH) was then a new born. His Moses (PBUH) mother was so afraid and with crying he took him in the box and then he drops this box in the river and then he found on the castle and that was the place where the mosses grown up in the shade of the Asia who is very good lady and Allah admired her. AL places are like one lesson for me. there is some different feel in every place like when you are in blessed place in Makkah you have an awesome feeling I remember my trip when I went for the umrah with the great package Best 5-star Luxury Hotels Family Umrah Tour with Luxury Hotels With Luxury Hotels 2017. When you visit the places where Allah al might fix the punishment you feel sad and you are try to say repentance. After that I was in the place of mountains and this is very renowned mount and this is also called the mount toor and this is the place where Moses(PBUH) demand to the God that he wants to see the God. Moses(PBUH) has ability to talk with the God and the place of this mount he asked from the God. You can also talk with the God when you recite the Holy Quran which is best book for you. Moses(PBUH) was in the place of the mount toor but he was not able to see the God. This was the blessed place and I ask supplications.

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