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Stop your Tongue from Bad Slangs

Islam is the religion of tolerance and peace. Our prophet shows us the great example of tolerance. He never uses bad words and slangs for the people. People tease him gave him pain. Sometimes used slang words but he never answered anyone. He won the heart with respect and love. He is the name of tolerance peace love kindness. When you behave bad and slangs that is much bad as a personality flaw stopping from mental and mystical inequity. The use of harsh exact words that do not suit the listener’s mind they got mad. Surely, using many words may even call to be harmful, for the more arguments you use this is the greater the unintended of illogicality, this was the period which will complicate the listener even more. In the event of hajj and Umrah Muslims from various countries race and from different background come to perform Umrah like people from the country of United king Islamic pilgrimage services from the UK for Muslims they show tolerance and good ethical responsibility. The heart is thus the port where all actions root, whether good or wicked. If the heart is good, then the movements will be good and if the heart is wicked then the actions will be bad. The heart is the place where Allah live and, as the Messenger of Muhammad e Mustafa Allah does not look at your procedures nor your faces but he images your heart and actions. Allah said in Quran you have to choose A kind word with mercy is better than almsgiving followed by injury. Allah is Absolute, Moderate. Talking too much is a character of flaw which is called stopping from mental and spiritual inequity. Always try to live humble and peace full and kind like your prophet.

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