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29 novembre 2016 ~ 0 Commentaire

Characteristics of a True Muslim

Muslims across the world are obliged to follow the teachings and injunctions of Islam. There are some primary and secondary sources in Islam from which we root out fundamental principles and commands of Allah Almighty. The Holy Quran and traditions of the Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) are primary sources from which a complete […]

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16 novembre 2016 ~ 0 Commentaire

Backbiting is Severe Sin in Islam

Backbiting means to speak ill of, to slander. It can be explained as speaking evil of one who is not available. In other words, backbiting is to say something evil in one’s non-appearance which you would not like to speak in his company. The meaning of backbiting has been described by Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be […]

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01 novembre 2016 ~ 0 Commentaire

Islam and Importance of Moderation

Extra wealth, if at all is established by him some method, may be expended in the path of Allah Almighty on help and release of the deprived persons. Similarly, in the partaking and expenditure of wealth, the supporter is suggested to strike symmetry dodging miserliness and tolerance. Scrooge is he who does not even deliver […]

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